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LearnSprout is a free service for K-12 schools and districts that turns raw, abstract data into actionable information. Use LearnSprout to reveal patterns and trends hidden inside your data.


LearnSprout combines GPA, course completion and test scores to determine each student's progress toward college readiness and highlights students who need extra support.


Identify chronically absent students and spot trends in historical attendance to support data-driven decision making across a school or district.


Spot historical trends in student health and anticipate flu season before it arrives. See health patterns by race/ethnicity, gender or lunch status.

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Setting up LearnSprout is easy. Create an account in minutes with one simple form that connects LearnSprout to your student information system.


We take data security and student privacy very, very seriously. For all the details, be sure to read our Privacy Policy and our Security Fact Sheet.


LearnSprout is free to schools and districts. No strings attached. No fine print. Your data will never be sold or used for commercial purposes. It's your data!


Collect live data from all schools and districts across the state. Analyze school and district performance as recent as yesterday.

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The built-in reports that come with our SIS are very limited for our needs. The system is designed to focus more on attendance without much ability to understand our historical patterns. With LearnSprout, I can see what's been happening not just this year, but with previous years also, using reports that are easy to create.

- Alex, Assistant Director MIT Academy

Your site helped show all the issues we have across our network and the way we are entering and coding data.

- Roberto, IT Director Chicago International Charter School

I've been impressed with the level of support coming from LearnSprout. As I was typing into a feedback form, a representative responded and we were able to have a live conversation that addressed my question.

- David, Principal Lincoln High School

The ability to list out students with chronic absenteeism has helped us identify students who are struggling. These are kids who might have otherwise gone unnoticed. LearnSprout makes it possible to visualize our data in a way that's just not possible with the reports that come with our student information system.

- Anne, Principal (HS)2 Academy

We know the importance of "data-driven decision-making". LearnSprout has made it possible for all site administrators to have near real-time analysis of their school. Being able to easily review the data allows for building and district administrators to make informed decisions that positively impacts our schools.

- Robert, Director of Technology USD 465

We're using LearnSprout to study attendance patterns from past years and it's been a revelation. Getting this type of information isn't possible within our SIS… We'd have to do a massive data dump and then use a 3rd party reporting tool to try and make sense of it. That's an expensive and time-consuming proposition that frankly, we just don't have the skill set for.

- Brad, Technology Systems Supervisor Cheney USD 268

The team at LearnSprout has been very responsive. It's clear they are working to build a service to meet the needs of the 21st century educator. They're eager to hear our feedback and even went so far to visit our school to meet with us in person.

- Will, Data management Officer SEED School of Washington DC