Our mission

is to help all stakeholders in K-12 education use data to understand the past, analyze the present and anticipate the future

Frequently Asked Questions
  • LearnSprout is a service for K-12 schools and districts that turns raw, abstract data into actionable information.

    The Problem:

    Virtually every school or district runs on something called a student information system (SIS). An SIS where student records are created, school schedules are organized, grades and attendance are stored, and much more. These systems are very good at ingesting lots and lots of data but they are notoriously difficult to pull data out of. Those who can often find that they are not equipped to work with such a large volume of data and often turn to specialists who use complex tools designed to handle the load. This process typically involves periodic data exports and can take many days to complete. The result is a set of static reports visible to only a select few within the district.

    Another problem is that an SIS typically holds only the last four or five years worth of data in order to optimize system performance. (Holding too many years of data can slow the system down). Previous years are archived and usually stored inside a safe. This data holds rich insights on historical trends and could be used to anticipate future events, but not if it's locked away in cold storage.

    The Solution:

    LearnSprout solves these problems by leveraging a live connection with the SIS to read up-to-date data and transforms that data into easy-to-understand charts and graphs available to all site and district level administrators. Because LearnSprout has no limitation on the number of years of data it can store, educators can not only understand what's happening now, but they can study the past to anticipate what might happen in the future.

  • LearnSprout establishes a secure, direct connection with a school or district's student information system and reads that data on a nightly basis. This is similar to how many 3rd party systems such as Lunch, Library and Transportation Management systems are kept updated, but instead of using slower Autosend or file transfer processes, we read directly from the SIS database using more modern, secure technology. This makes for a faster sync and enables LearnSprout to stay updated without inflicting any performance degradation on the SIS, no matter how large the district. We then organize and analyze the data to make it readily available to users for ad-hoc reporting.

  • Yes. LearnSprout is free to schools and districts. This makes it much easier for us to grow quickly and spares you from the yet another sales cycle. After all, does anyone really enjoy RFPs? Our plan to keep the lights on over here is simple. It's a three-step plan we call future-freemium:

    1. Step 1: Make LearnSprout awesome.
    2. Step 2: Add lots of features and make a product our customers love.
    3. Step 3: Launch a new, optional premium service in 2014.
  • LearnSprout analyzes the following data. For a detailed view of the exact fields used, please see our Data Format Document (clicking will not leave this page)

    • Schools list
    • Terms
    • Course catalog
    • Teachers
    • School schedule
    • Class rosters
    • Student demographics
    • Attendance records
    • Historical grades
    • Current grades
  • As LearnSprout adds new reports and features, additional data may be required. Any change to the data accessed will require the LearnSprout administrator for the school or district to first accept updated Terms of Service which will detail the new data requirement in order to use the updated version of LearnSprout. Until the terms are accepted by the LearnSprout administrator, users will not be able to use the newest version. However, users will be able to still access the existing version of LearnSprout.

  • Our Pledge:

    At LearnSprout, we take data security and the privacy of your students very, very seriously. Protecting personally identifiable information (PII) of your students is at the very core of what we do. Once the connection to LearnSprout is made, your data is secured on a remote, dedicated server. Your data is kept separate from other schools and districts, so there is no possible way for other LearnSprout customers to see your data. With LearnSprout, PII will never be shared, sold or used for marketing purposes.

    To learn more about LearnSprout security features, read our complete Security Policy (clicking will not leave this page).

  • At LearnSprout, we fervently believe that by serving the needs of schools we have the opportunity to become one of the most important technology companies in the country. Our engineering team brings vast experience from Google, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon and Adobe, and we intend on building LearnSprout into a company as iconic as any of our former employers.

    You, driven by zeal to apply your coding skills to something more worthy than virtual farming, will help define how the next generation of educational software will be built and deployed. Interested? Contact us at jobs@learnsprout.com. We'd like to see your resume, GitHub profile and a bit about why you'd like to work for LearnSprout.

  • At LearnSprout, we're looking to change the education landscape by empowering schools and institutions to tap into the hidden insights of their data to help students achieve maximum potential. Our tools improve educator, student and parent access to information and reveal advancement opportunities for students of all socioeconomic backgrounds. Still interested? We'd like to get to know you! Reach out to us at jobs+ops@learnsprout.com

    We're looking for someone who would be excited to work closely with schools and districts on a daily basis, whether it's on-boarding them onto LearnSprout, helping to resolve technical issues, or listening to what more we could do to help them make data driven decisions.

Our tech stack

  • Linux
  • Python, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, Bash
  • MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
  • Amazon EC2, SQS, SNS, RDS, SimpleDB, DynamoDB, Redshift


  • BS, MS in Computer Science degree and/or 2-3 years of equivalent work experience
  • Strong verbal & written communication skills
  • Excellent troubleshooting skills
  • Passion for education (industry experience is a plus)


  • Familiar with or desire to learn a variety of programming languages and databases
  • Willingness to roll your sleeves up and tackle customer issues
  • Flexible with task prioritization and thrives in a fast-paced startup environment


  • Highly competitive compensation package
  • Generous tech hardware budget to get you comfortable
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Catered lunches along with a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry
  • 401k
  • Field trips!


  • Takes initiative and is willing to go the extra mile to "make it happen"
  • Can manage multiple projects with a track record of execution success
  • Out of the box thinker with strong analytical and excellent communication skills
  • Passion for education (industry experience a plus)
  • Look forward to travel and spend time in K-12 schools 1-2 times per month


  • Prior experience working directly with school administrators and students
  • Entrepreneur spirit to change the status quo, and make a greater impact
  • Deep understanding on how schools and districts utilize data and how we can improve the status quo
  • Worked in a product management function and understands how to identify root problems and needs
  • Proficiency in advanced Excel analysis tools and SQL databases


  • Highly competitive compensation package
  • Generous tech hardware budget to get you comfortable
  • Medical, dental and vision insurance
  • Catered lunches along with a well-stocked refrigerator and pantry
  • 401k
  • Field trips!